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Do you know about Tangerine Telecom? What makes it unique in the market of Internet providers?

Say technology bad or good. Anyhow, we need it for day-to-day activities. Technology has become an eternal part of our lives. The invention of the internet makes life easier and better. As we know that we need the internet for various purposes. Despite its drawback, we appreciate its working. Everything has its pro and cons. We manage to adjust anyhow. In this article, we will get acquainted with one of the internet providers available in Australia. Tangerine Telecom is a successful small-scale internet provider in Australia. It is privately owned but works with the assistance of Vocus Infrastructure. In 2013, Tangerine telecom got set up. It works from South Melbourne, Australia. As the name suggests, it is the juiciest NBN provider. It is unique because of the following reasons-

  • It offers fantastic value for your money.
  • It acts as a reseller of Telstra telecommunication.
  • It uses a 4G and 3G mobile network and capabilities of Telstra.
  • Let its users a 14- day risk-free trial to its customers.
  • Works on B2B concept
  • It provides Unlimited data plans at a cheap rate.
  • Consistent in speed
  • It provides higher customer satisfaction.

  • Why choosing Tangerine Telecome a better decision?

    Tangerine Telecom is known to be the best small-scale NBN provider. It focuses on its customers and their needs. Some of its benefits are:

  • Worth purchasing plansTangerine plans are too affordable to purchase. They provide a discount of 10 percent within the usage of the first six months. Its speed boost unlimited pack costs $59.90 for the first six months, then reverts to $69.90.
  • Packs as per your needFast or slow speed whatever you need as per your pocket, the plans are available. According to the speed, there are various plans.
  • 1. Basic NBN 25- 21 Mbps

    2. Standard NBN 50- 42Mbps

    3. Premium NBN 100- 83Mbps

    4. Superfast NBN 250- 205Mbps

    Choose as per your need and convenience.

  • Perfect customer serviceTangerine customer support is appreciated everywhere. Product reviews have given a 4.2-4.5 star rating. Customer satisfaction is never compromised.

  • What can be the problems after opting for Tangerine?

    Nobody and nothing is meant to be perfect. Similarly, Tangerine can possess some issues. Based on Product Reviews we found some. They are-

  • Hard to choose due to the availability of fewer plans.
  • Signing up can be hard.
  • Compromises among speed.
  • Fewer features
  • It takes a longer time to get connected to NBN.
  • Issues related to relocating NBN service
  • Low Wifi coverage at times.
  • It does not support 1Pv6 at the moment.

  • How to restore the FRITZ!OS of your FRITZ!BOX?

    Tangerine has some of the recovery tools which help to restore FRITZ!BOX to work in order. This tool resets its factory setting along with deleting all the settings that prevent its proper functioning. Before going to the process make sure that you have windows 10/8/7 installed on your system. Now go through the process-

    1. Download the recovery tool:

  • Go to ftp.avm.de/fritzbox/
  • Switch the folder for you FRITZ!BOX model. go to "other" then to the folder "recover".
  • Download the recovery tool on your system.
  • It will have a ".exe" extension.
  • 2) Connect the FRITZ!BOX with your computer

  • You need a network cable to connect your computer directly to the LAN port.
  • Then you need to clear out all the connections between your FRITZ!BOX and network devices or USB devices.
  • 3) Disable Firewalls- The recovery tool downloaded in the first step will only work when your firewall is disabled. Close all active firewall applications. Remember every kind of window will have a different way to shut the firewall.

    4) Run the recovery tool

  • Now you need to operate the file "fritz.box_...recover-image.exe" and then click "next"
  • Follow the instructions displayed by your system
  • If the tool disappears it will notify. If it fails more than fewer times then try to run the tool on a different system.
  • If it shows "Complete" Then the tool will have recovered.
  • Follow this 100 percent fruitful process and feel the change.

    What should be done if some issue cannot be solved on your own?

    Well, nobody was born a technical specialist, right? Moreover, technology is far more complicated than we think it is. There can be several issues that cannot be easily resolved by us. Tangerine Customer Care Number Australia is always online to deal with your problems. Be it setting up, connecting, activating, the customer is the king anyhow. If there are doubts related to billing you can contact Tangerine Customer Care Australia right away. International roaming, ADSL usage check, incentives, understanding one's bill, and many more are the topics people frequently ask about.