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What is Optus? What makes it distinctive from the others?

The Internet has dominancy over the world. Something new gets invented with such a need for the Internet and Technology. With the emergence of the Internet, the competition is on the other level between its providers. There can be an end number of providers these days. In this article, we'll get acquainted with Optus. Optus is a telecommunication company in Australia. The headquarters of the company lies in Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia. Optus is a subsidiary of Singaporean multinational telecommunications named Singtel. There are several products and services of Optus. They are Voice, Wireless, Internet access, and Television. It is a diversified telecommunication subsidiary of Singtel. It has considered being second best internet provider in Australia. But what makes it unique?

  • First, it is the second-largest wireless carrier in Australia.
  • Optus believes in investing in their people, community, network, and in the future.
  • Optus covers about 98.5% that is around 1.5 million square Km. Its maximum coverage makes it more persistent.
  • Optus' SIM-only plans are too affordable for everyone. It provides 50GB for just $35(AUD) per month.
  • It provides Optus Loop that is a Voice over Internet Protocol. This means that unlike the traditional calling system you can call people over the Internet.

  • What makes Optus a better Internet provider for you?

    Optus is a leading internet provider. Along with its higher market share, it keeps on improving day by day. There is basically a three-category system of plans. They include Phones on a plan, SIM-only postpaid plans, Prepaid plans. All of them are modest for you and your family. Moreover, we can receive bonuses from time to time. While signing-in, renewing a plan, prepaid, or postpaid, we can enjoy additional benefits. If you choose Optus then you might get benefitted from several data vouchers in your account. The additional benefits like data-free Optus Sport streaming are showered on us by Optus. The data plans come with 10GB of free data streaming for Netflix, Stan, and ABC kids, Data rollover (up to 200GB), Day rollover (up to 84 days), Unlimited standard national talk and text, Unlimited standard international calls to 15 countries, $5 of extras credit. It's like a lot of benefits.

    Can there be some problem relating to the usage of Optus?

    We are living in a high-tech world but still, we do not rely on technology. Technology seems like a miracle. Does Optus fulfill all our expectations? Certainly not. So here is the list of the problems which can be caused while opting for Optum-

  • Sometimes, Optus works too slowly. There can be several reasons related to its slow functioning.
  • At times, it is difficult or rather an impossible task for its users to connect to NBN or Cable Internet.
  • Many business houses have Wireless Internet Connectivity for their employees. Optus Wireless mode faces several shutdowns every few days.
  • Can’t connect to DSL internet.
  • Defects are caused by non-authorized accessories.
  • Slow browsing is shown by Optus’ internet.
  • 5G plans don’t seem to be run on the idea of providing the best speed.
  • The problem in fixing dial tone on fixed phones.

  • What is the most common problem faced by Optus users? How can you troubleshoot?

    The most common issue is that the Optus modem does not get connected to the internet. Everyone can not afford wireless connectivity the modem containing the SIM plans help. Feedbacks and research have reported that modem faces problems connecting the internet to a device. This can be taken over by the below-mentioned solution. You just need to follow the steps-

  • Restart your computer: It is advised to restart your device before everything. Sometimes, it is our system that does not allow the modem to connect and operate its function.
  • Remove the data cable: Next, you have to restart the modem too by getting out the data cable for twenty seconds. Then insert it in again.
  • Check the wiring: Kindly check all your telecommunication devices connected properly with a filtered connection.
  • Check modem connectivity: Check if the cable from the wall socket is connected properly to the DSL port. If the light on the modem is blinking low, then search for sync to Optus servers.
  • Check data connectivity: If the light shown is red then you do not have internet connectivity. If it shows green light, the modem is properly connected to the internet.
  • We hope that the procedure solves your problem from the root. Browsing will be so smooth.

    What to do if you can’t resolve the issue on your own?

    Optus Customer Care Number in Australia will provide you solutions to all your problems. Optus is finding new ways to provide the best customer care to its customers. Sometimes, the Optus faces a shutdown. In such a case you can take help from Optus customer care. Any doubt regarding data plans can be shared through Optus live chat on their website. The high professional team is ready to help.