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How Netflix proves to be a must for your entertainments?

In this generation, people usually don’t have time to sit back and watch TV. They need something more mobile, some form of entertainment they can have when they’re travelling, walking or even wrapped up in their blankets. This is where video streaming apps come into play. They’re brilliant form of entertainment absolutely wherever you want them. And when we talk about the best video streaming apps, Netflix is the first thing that comes into everyone’s mind.

The most prestigious shows, series and movies are streamed on Netflix. Netflix have the widest range of genres and series to choose from and it does not require for you to download the whole thing before watching it. Just get a stable internet connection and boom! You can stream your favourite shows from anywhere in the world. Although Netflix comes with a numerous features, you may face several issues from time to time. But don’t worry, Netflix Contact Service Australia is here to solve any of your bugs and give you the best streaming experience.

How Netflix gives you the best streaming experience

  • Stream Multiple shows at the same time: Netflix offers you multiple plans that differ in how many devices can use Netflix simultaneously. The one month plan comes with three choices, the $8.99 plan allows one device at a time, $12.99 plan allows two devices at a time and HD Quality and $15.99 plan allows four devices with 4K and HDR content.
  • Controlling the maturity levels: There is content for every age group on Netflix, so of course that involves the mature content inappropriate for younger eyes. So, as a solution, in the profile setting of Netflix, there is an option, “Allowed TV movies and shows”, in which you can select between four maturity levels. In addition, you can also set up a PIN under “parental controls” in the setting.
  • Make a to-watch list: Many times you come across a show that you find interesting or the shows that your friends suggest to you. Of course you can’t watch everything at ones. Netflix provides a feature, “My List”, in which you can add the shows you want to watch next. It makes it convenient to keep the track of the shows you find interesting. This section can hold up to 500 titles. All you have to do is tap on the “plus” sign below the description of the show and it will get added to your “My List”.
  • Skipping Intros: One of the most annoying things that can be about streaming shows is that you have to sit through the same intros every time or if you try to forward it, most of the times you forward some part of the plot as well. So, Netflix comes with the feature that allows you to skip through those long openings via a button, “Skip Intro”.
  • Modify Download Devices: It’s not required that you have a stable internet connection all the time, so should that stop you from streaming Netflix anytime you want? Absolutely not! “Download” option on Netflix allows you to download the episodes and stream them whenever you want. And depending on your plan, you can download on one, two and four devices every time. But after that you need to delete all the titles before downloading again.

  • Adding IMDB Ratings using Chrome Extensions

    Selecting on which show to binge next could prove to be quite troublesome. So having an expert review can help a lot. But while streaming isn’t it tedious, to surf ratings of every show one by one on the net and then decide what to watch. Instead you can compare the ratings by viewing them directly via a pop-up that appears on the right-hand corner of the thumbnail when you move your cursor over the title. This is done by adding IMDB Ratings on Netflix by using Chrome extensions. This feature makes your viewing choice much simpler and helps you decide quickly on what you want to binge. However, it should be noted that Chrome Extensions only work on browser-based viewing and won’t work anywhere else.

    Issues Faced In Netflix

    From time-to-time you may come across several issues while surfing the Netflix. Although none of them prove to be a severe issue, you still can get stuck and get unable to use Netflix. Most of the snags can be resolved easily by following some easy steps. Some of the issues are mentioned below:

  • Netflix not working?This can happen when your internet connection is unstable. To resolve this issue, you should firs, disable your device, unplug the router and wait for a minute. Then plug in the router again and wait until there’s no new indicator light is getting on or blinking. Afterwards, turn your device on and you should have a working Netflix with you.
  • Resetting Netflix On Sony TVThis can easily be achieved in just a few steps just make sure to have a solid internet connection. Firstly, press and hold the home button on the remote. Then select Netflix and then press and hold the enter button on your keyboard. Then a list would appear above, select, “Force Stop”, and then press the enter button.
  • Netflix not working even after a stable internet connection?This can happen due to some issues with the app. Re-installing the app can help to rectify this issue. Just uninstall the app, go to the app store, install it again, enter your login ID and Password and you would be able to use the Netflix again.
  • These are some minor issues that don’t require any professional help but if you face any other issue or you’re still not able to get your Netflix working, you should call on Netflix Customer Support Australia to get the professional help from us. We aim at providing the best help we can so you can have a trouble free streaming experience.

  • Netflix customer Care services

    With years of experience at our hands, there not a single issue that our team of experts cannot resolve. Whenever you come across any snag that you’re not able to get rid of yourself, all you need to do is just call us. Yes, that’s right. All your troubles are just one call away from getting solved. We have 24/7 services, so we are always available to listen to your issues and fixing them. Even if you fail to rectify the error with the professional guidance, our experts are capable of solving your issues remotely. All you have to do is provide access to your device and your problem will be solved remotely. Even after fixing the issues, we ask for any further assistance we can provide.

    Note: Our professionals never ask for any of your financial or private details, so you be can rest assured that even while accessing your device, all of your data remains safe, nobody except you can view them.