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Define IPRIMUS? What are characteristics of IPRIMUS network carrier?

IPRIMUS is a network carrier which aims at providing telecommunication services in Australia. Vocus Communications is the parent company of IPRIMUS. The main objective of IPRIMUS is to focus on broadband and mobile services. It was founded on 1st July 1997. The product categories include ADSL, Fixed line, broadband services, etc. There are five cities where fiber network of IPRIMUS is operated such as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide. It was the first telecommunications network that received a license in Australia in 1997. Here is the unique list of IPRIMUS which is as follows:

1. Call Return: It helps the users in calling back the last incoming call received. In case it is missed, then also users can dial back that person.

2. Call Rejection: It allows the callers in rejecting anonymous calls from the parties who have restricted their Caller ID.

3. Call Forward: It helps the users to forward all the calls which are incoming immediately to a different mobile number.

4. Call Waiting: Under this feature, if anyone calls your mobile number and you are on a call already then, this feature will put that person on hold automatically.

5. Do not disturb: Under this feature, users can set their numbers as unavailable.

How IPRIMUS mobile network is useful for the users? Explain.

IPRIMUS is an internet service provider which allows users to enjoy several benefits such as fast networks, no dropouts, reliable internet connection, and much more. IPRIMUS offers real competitive prices to the users. Quality services are provided by this telecommunication network which encourages users to purchase IPRIMUS. Some positive impacts are as follows:

1. A handful of mobile plans: IPRIMUS deals with a handful of mobile network plans which are having decent value.

2. Quality services: Under this, IPRIMUS aims at providing quality services at real competitive prices to the users.

3. IPRIMUS bonuses: IPRIMUS offers a surprising number of bonuses to the users in which there are unlimited call packs, unlimited data, entertainment, and much more.

4. The customizable range on data plans: IPRIMUS offers a customizable and flexible range of internet plans to the users.

5. Customer support: IPRIMUS offers excellent customer service and solves all the problems which are faced by the users.

IPRIMUS telecommunication service suffers from limitations. Explain how?

IPRIMUS is facing huge challenges regarding its mobile network such as cut-throat competition in the network coverage, rising costs, thinner margins, outages on the mobile network, and much more. These are as follows:

1. Email problems: The users of IPRIMUS are encountering problems with their email while sending and receiving.

2. Spam issues: Spam is referred to as junk email which is unsolicited and sent to various people intending to promote goods or services.

3. Security and protection issues: Today, a lot of people are facing problems relating to their security and protection.

4. Cyberbullying: The issues such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, etc. are affecting many people.

5. Internet outage: Many users are complaining about the internet outage. The internet is not working properly which is affecting them.

6. Connection problems: The users tend to face connection problems with the IPRIMUS service provider due to an internet outage.

7. Technical issues: The users also experience technical issues while using the internet services of IPRIMUS network.

8. Server issues: The users can also face trouble regarding server settings related to IPRIMUS internet connections.

9. Issues in downloading files: One of the problems faced by the users while using the internet services of IPRIMUS is the error to download the attachment files.

10. Creation of account: The users can also face problems in creating a new account.

Explain one major point which proves that IPRIMUS has negative points as well and how it can be rectified?

The users face a lot of issues with the internet service of IPRIMUS. However, the most common issue which users face on regular basis is a technical glitch on the end of IPRIMUS. Moreover, they usually get irritated when they are not able to receive proper guidance and accurate assistance. They get issues in bouncing back of their emails owing to the poor connection and problems in signing up to their account. However, there is always a solution to a problem. The users should always apply troubleshooting steps first. They should try to reboot their system to prevent any kind of mishap.

How negative points of IPRIMUS can be overcome with proper solution?

To assist the users, there is always Tech Support available for them. This team has consisted of professional members. The service is available 24*7. There is live chat support for them so that they can resolve their issues efficiently and effectively. The users can interact with the professional executives and get their issues resolved. Moreover, there is always a helpline number to assist the users. The best support is provided at IPRIMUS Customer Support Number in Australia. Thus, the users can connect through these mediums if they are encountering any problems with the network and need assistance and technical support.