How to start a new Gmail account?

Facing some or the other kind of problem while starting something new is very much understandable one may take time with the understanding of the procedures associated with it also one may need time for developing an understanding regarding the other aspects of it and anything can only be started and can be put to use efficiently after one knows all of its aspects and is well aware of all the important information associated with it.

The same thing goes with an email service like Gmail; everyone by now may have a basic idea regarding the existence of it. Everyone knows its basic use that is the exchange of emails between two and more people in order to keep easy communication maintained.

But here a detailed discussion will be held regarding the start of a new Gmail account for making it easier for all those who are new to the world of email.

For starting with, or for using a Gmail account first of all the user needs to get an account created.

In order to create a new Gmail account the user should follow the given procedure:

  • First of all the user should open the official Gmail website.
  • There should choose the option “create account.”
  • Then in the fields that appear the user should enter all the information that has been asked.
  • The user should then click on “next.”
  • Then give a phone number for identity verification.
  • After that, the user should click on “next”.
  • The user should accept the user license agreement and privacy policy.
  • After that, the user should click the option “next.”
  • The user should then choose a layout for the view of the messages.
  • At the end should click on” ok.”

  • Now that the account has been created the user shall now move to the procedure of using it up to its full efficiency.

    For using the created Gmail account efficiently the user should follow the given steps:

  • If the user needs to send a mail then on the user interface of the account the user should click the compose button.
  • If a message is to be marked as important then the user should choose the star given against that message.
  • If some message is to be removed from the inbox then the user should put a checkmark in the box given against the message and should choose the option “archive” or should click on the trash icon.
  • If one needs to sign out of the Gmail account then the user should click on the profile icon that is usually present at the top right corner from the options that appear the user should click on “sign out.”

  • If other than all this guidance that is given here if you need to know anything more regarding the workings and the use of a Gmail account then for that the best option is to get in touch with the experts at Gmail support number AU.