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How Bullguard Antivirus is the best choice for your important data?

We all are living in the era of technology, where we spend most of our daily life in front of our computer screens.

It has indeed provided us the privilege of comfort, especially in such hard times.

Technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. It provides us the comfort of working from wherever we want and whenever we want.

But as we all know that actions do have consequences. Sometimes there are some loopholes in the technologies. When left unnoticed, these loopholes create problems like glitches or slow processing in our system.

To avoid and cure these problems we require antivirus and anti-malware programs.

They not only protect our data but also keep the system and the processor in their most original form.

They protect the password, the important documents and remove all types of viruses present in the system.

There is a wide variety of antivirus and anti-malware programs available in the market.

So the most important question is which one to choose This article is about one of the most leading antiviruses of today's age.

What makes Bullguard Security best of all?

Bullguard is a London based company which has been working on developing popular consumer-friendly antivirus software and security program since 2002, its headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom, and has 10 offices located across the countries The basic Bullguard antivirus product includes :

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Malicious URL filtering
  • A vulnerability scanner
  • A performance booster for games, other full screen demanding applications
  • The company is providing 24/7 round the clock customer support and also live chats if you have any problem. Bullguard is available for Windows, Androids, and macOS. These days every single member in the family has their device, so BullGuard also provides a family pack at a very reasonable price. Bullguard has released enhanced dynamic machine learning technology, which according to the company, does an even better job of detecting and blocking even the very latest threats. Talking about the prices, it is priced at 30$ for a single device 40$ for two, and 60$ for three.

    Bullguard supports up to 10 and most create supports up to 5. Its security extends the package with a firewall, parental control, secure browser, and PC optimizing tools.

    The top-of-the-range full guard protection takes everything in internet security, adds a home network scanner, and introduces a major new feature in BullGuard's expression powered identity protection. The service monitors the dark web for signs that your details have been stolen with Bullguard raising an alert if your data is leaked and this service is available in many countries like the United Kingdom, the united states of America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and turkey. If you still can’t make up your mind then no problem,

    You can check out a 15 day trial of Bullguard antivirus and also you are protected by a further 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to be sure.

    What are the phenomenal features of Bullguard Antivirus?

    Let us jump onto some of its features to make your choice more clear.

    First of all, we have the Internet Security of Bullguard. 2021 version of internet security is easy to use. It provides comfortability to its users. It also includes its secure browser. It further makes its usage simple. The browser is a highly customized version of chromium. The version provides multiple layers of security to your computer. It prevents the attack of spying and makes it easier to operate on the internet.

    Next, we have Backup. Backup is another necessity in such a modern scenario. Everyone has thousands of files, pictures, videos, and links. We need to save them for future, or business purposes, or even for memories. Bullguard's Backup feature has immensely taken over its users' hearts. You do not have to worry about your files. They are stored and protected well. There's no chance of leakage of files and data. Bullguard is known for its customizability. Even the backup plan is customizable. You can decide which files and folders to plan for backup. Things are always under your hands, you just need to walk on the road that leads you to customization.

    The third one is Parental Control. Kids are too innocent to know about the technical world. The dark web can exploit your child in various ways. To protect your child from online attacks, Bullguard allows you to block your kid's activity. You can add different learning apps for your kids. In total, there are 24 categories of applications and websites.

    The other features are PC Tune-up, multi-platform, home network scanner, and identity protection. Bullguard provides you the decent protection from worms, Trojans, and other risks. Purchasing a 10 device subscription plan would be wise for a joint family. Some of its features are still in the process. It will become the best version of itself once they come into the market.