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What are the possible reasons for Netflix buffering?

Netflix has been a good companion in this lockdown period for everyone; it has proved itself to be a good source for entertainment and tension release amidst the pandemic. The application is very easy to be used and is also well compatible with all types of devices such..

What are the features of AVG antivirus and how to install it on Windows 10?

AVG antivirus is known for providing efficient security and safety for the computers, mobile, tablets, and all such devices, by security here we mean the online security as in if there will be antivirus software running on the device...

What is Gmail? How has Gmail taken over the highest market share?

The supremacy of Gmail is beyond everyone's imagination. It carries the world's domination because of its smooth and easy functioning. It is a free email service developed by Google. Google and its bifurcations are more reliable together.

How to open AOL through Windows mail?

AOL mail service is very easy to use with the help of this service the user can easily exchange mails with the contacts and can thus get communication established with them. All thanks to the technological advancement in the world that has further made this communication establishment easy for the people among themselves.

What are the major concerns encountered by the users of Bull guard Antivirus?

BullGuard is a software corporation that operates in the internet security market. It is considered to be the best antivirus for both gamers as well as non-gamers. This antivirus comprises identity theft security features. It consists of several options of scan which are as follows: Quick scan, Custom scan, and Full scan.

How to start a new Gmail account?

Facing some or the other kind of problem while starting something new is very much understandable one may take time with the understanding of the procedures associated with it also one may need time for developing an understanding regarding the other aspects of it and anything can only be started and can be put to use efficiently after one knows all of its aspects and is well aware of all the important information associated with it.