What are the features of AVG antivirus and how to install it on Windows 10?

AVG antivirus is known for providing efficient security and safety for the computers, mobile, tablets, and all such devices, by security here we mean the online security as in if there will be antivirus software running on the device or the computer then that particular device or computer will be protected against all types of infectious viruses, Trojans, spyware and also malware.

There are various security software available in the market with the various advanced set of features, but here we will particularly discuss the AVG antivirus software as per the demand of the question. The AVG antivirus software is very well compatible with almost all the Windows operating systems but as there is the involvement of advanced complicated technologies therefore with an advanced operating system like windows 10 the users often face problems while conducting AVG installation on it.

So here to make AVG antivirus software easy for all the windows 10 operating system users to understand, all the features of the software will be discussed along with an easy process of installing it on the operating system.

The features associated with the AVG antivirus software are as follows:

  • File shredder
  • Network protection
  • Email shield
  • Ransomware protection
  • Data Safe
  • Remote Management.
  • Boost for system speed.
  • Identity protection.
  • Anti-theft.
  • Smart scanner.
  • Link Scanner.
  • PC tune-up.
  • File server security.
  • Camera Trap.

  • The process that is to be followed by the AVG antivirus users for easy installation of the software on the Windows 10 operating system goes as follows:

    On the browser, the user should open the AVG official website.

    From the official website, the user should get the software downloaded.

    The software should be allowed space on the hardware for that the user will need to click “yes.”

    The installation of the software will be started on the computer.

    Then after agreeing to the end-user license agreement the user will have to click the “install now” button.

    After the completion of the AVG installation, the user should get the My AVG account created.

    After the completion of the registration process, the software will be ready for being used on the Windows 10 operating system.

    If other than all the information about the AVG antivirus software that has been given here the user feels the need for any further information then for that should get in touch with the technical team at AVG support number AU.